ISWCS 2016

Thirteenth International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems

September 20–23, 2016
Poznan, Poland
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ISWCS 2016 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc, IEEE VTS and EURASIP.


We are delighted to inform that there will be a highly attractive panel entitled "5G Design: From Radio to Architecture" led by the 5G-PPP representative, Dr. Werner Mohr from NOKIA. The following distinguished panelists from selected 5G-PPP projects have confirmed their presence in that event:

  1. 5G NORMA panelist, Markus Breitbach, Deutsche Telekom, (
  2. 5G XHaul panelist, Jesus Gutierrez Teran, IHP, (
  3. FANTASTIC 5G, Thorsten Wild, Nokia, (
  4. mmMAGIC, Mehrdad Shariat, Samsung, (

In accordance to the panel, the representatives of 5G NORMA and mmMAGIC projects have expressed their interest in presenting a demonstrator during the conference. This is the event that cannot be missed!

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