ISWCS 2016

Thirteenth International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems

September 20–23, 2016
Poznan, Poland
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ISWCS 2016 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc, IEEE VTS and EURASIP.


CorNer: Workshop on Communication for Networked Smart Cities

o Syed Ali Hassan, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
o Nalin Jayakody, University of Bergen/University of Tartu, Norway/Estonia
o Syed Ali Raza Zaidi, University of Leeds, UK
o Ali Sadri, Intel Corp., USA

By 2050, urban population internationally will have increased by 2.8 billion people. Moreover, at the current rate of carbon emissions, global temperatures will have risen by 2º C from pre-industrial levels. Therefore, there is an urgent need to plan the cities of the future in a sustainable fashion. As a major agent for promoting a quality of life compatible with a resource efficient economy, the smart city phenomenon has recently captured the imagination of the academia and the industry alike. Since the Internet of things (IoT) is expected to be a primary driving force for future cities, advanced communication techniques will play a pivotal role in facilitating real-time data acquisition and utilization from distributed sensors. However, future cities will also have to operate within the constraints of the national economy and power resources. Hence, the challenges in the realization of smart cities are many and varied, such as low energy consumption requirement, constrained bandwidth and budgetary limitations. In order to overcome these hurdles, it is essential that new concepts and theories for optimizing the network in energy, spectral and monetary terms are presented to achieve a robust environment monitoring and sustainable transportation network, among other provisions. This workshop is aimed at furthering this effort by forging collaborations through the presentation of state-of-the-art research endeavors by scholars from across the globe. The participants will have the opportunity to share their findings with the academic community at large as well as to form collaborations to jointly investigate new aspects of smart cities.


SAS5G: Workshop on Spectrum Aggregation and Sharing for 5G Networks

o Dirk Slock (EURECOM)
o Florian Kaltenberger (EURECOM)
o Valerio Frascolla (Intel Deutschland GmbH)

Spectrum is the key resource for all wireless communications. This workshop will bring together experts from the field of Spectrum Aggregation and Sharing to give an overview of the state-of-the art, to disseminate their latest developments, and to discuss the future of these two technologies and in particular their potential impact on the coming 5G systems. This workshop is supported and organized by the 3 most important EU-funded projects (ADEL and SOLDER from FP7 and SPEED-5G from H2020) currently working on different aspects of spectrum management, aggregation and sharing technologies.


Hands-on workshop on Rapid Prototyping of Next Generation Wireless Systems

National Instruments would like to invite all participants of ISWCS 2016 conference to take part in a free hands-on workshop on Rapid Prototyping of Next Generation Wireless Systems. During this half-day event participants will have a chance to learn and explore on their own how NI LabVIEW and NI USRP software defined radio enable quick prototyping of wireless communication systems for teaching and research applications. Please follow this link to learn more and register for the event:

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